Friday, May 27, 2011

Deep thoughts with Sara E. Calhoun Perry

Sara Calhoun Perry you left me in stitches when you posted up these photos! How funny are you with your facial expressions :-{D

Inspector (-ess) Clue-so?

Sara is a very talented artist herself, who exhibits her handcrafted magical boxes at Artfest Waikiki one weekend per month. Our mutual love for the magical and whimsical is quite a strong bond, and I daresay she is quite a muse! I just got done working in my studio where I made my first ever UNICORN HORN! Sara offered me the great idea of a horn on a long chain that can be held up to the forehead, much like how the glass mustache is held up to that lovely space between the nose and the mouth. Spaces on the face that are just begging for embellishment. Sara, thank you for helping me fill that space. You rock!

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