Tuesday, April 26, 2011

if you've ever lost faith in humanity, this blog post might restore it

every once in a while i come across a kind of magic with what i do, connecting with people about art, and witnessing as others connect too. it's the best!

Nora (pictured on the left) is such a sweet girl, who i met at the I Love Kailua Town Party where i was selling my artwork. it was a very busy day but i noticed her and her family because they seemed quite taken with my artwork. she absolutely adored the glass moustache!

Jan Drake (pictured on the right), a visitor from Seattle, was waiting patiently for my attention as i helped the adults who were with Nora to make their selections. can you believe that he bought her that moustache? and one for himself! what a generous and random act of kindness. her smile was from ear to ear and i felt so lucky to see two people grow from strangers into friends within a matter of minutes.

thank you Jan! your generous spirit just shines.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

from the great lakes over that big lake

is it possible that a little boy in Ann Arbor, Michigan, could make my day when i'm all the way across a giant ocean? awesome.

this photo was sent my way by my dear friend, Carrie Mood, who currently works at the Ann Arbor Art Center Gallery Shop. she told me that this little boy was so in love with the moustache pendants i make that he had to make his own out of paper! how exciting to feel like an inspiration to future artists! thank you Carrie, you have no idea how good this made me feel!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

why i love selling art to artists

because, quite honestly who else will write you a note on scrap wood?

Vivian Chiu, you pretty much made my day. I will repair a moustache for you and your boyfriend anytime! Thanks for sharing that creativity right back, now I have something new for my inspiration wall!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Glass Stache Takes First Friday by Storm!

As is the nature of most blogs, here we go with the narcissism! My apologies in advance for posting up photos of myself, but this was the most fun night and I have to blame the photography skills of the amazing Lan Thai for making me look good...or maybe it's just the glass stache ;)

So I have this theory that it's all about the props! Sometimes I get shy and can't bust them out, but it was First Friday, when all of the galleries in the Arts District of Honolulu aka Chinatown stay open late and there's pretty much always an epic street party going on by the end of the night. Needless to say my Elmer Fudd hat and glass stache created a little bit of a stir. I'm telling you, PROPS ROCK!! The right people will talk to you. I swear. Example: After next week, you might even be able to find some of my artwork available at that hot new spot Bwareville on Smith Street! I'll keep you posted...

In the meantime you can see that lovely ladies ^^^

distinguished gentlemen^^^
simply FLOCK to the glass moustache.

Have fun out there kids! As for me, I'm staying in this weekend. This vog (volcanic smog for those of you not in Hawaii) has really got me down. Plus I've already stirred up enough trouble this month!
Oh I almost forgot, I do have something on the schedule. Hope to see you at the I Love Kailua Town Party this Sunday, where the glass moustache pendant will be on display from 11 to 4, and rumor has it you might get to meet the artist if you stop by!