Friday, May 27, 2011

Because, really, who can resist the charms of Leo...

I don't want the other men in my life to get jealous or disappointed, but it may be time for me to come clean. I'm in love with Leo Decker!

Can you blame me? He's just so darn handsome, and good with kids, and loyal, and well what else could I ask for? I mean sure it would be nice if he could provide for me but let's get real. I live in Hawaii where most men are more into surf than work! Mom I swear I'm not settling, I swear!

The best part about Leo is that there's enough of him to go around. Plus I'm not the jealous type, I realize that such awesomeness must be shared! And now others are in love with him too, for example, the lovely Butler family from Michigan discovered him this past weekend at Artfest Waikiki.

Thankfully, Leo didn't completely steal the show. Phew! He left them alone for at least a short moment so that they could discover the glass artwork that I make. These kids are too cute for words! And they had a blast with the glass moustache!

Meet Olivia:


and Joel:

Cutest kids in the world! An extra special thanks goes out to their mom, Stephanie Butler, for sending along these photos. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and we'll hope to see you back in Hawaii soon!

And any chance I get I give a shout out to the Deckers...Katie and Meghan thanks for bringing Leo out for a visit. Much love always!!

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