Friday, July 1, 2011

Moustache March!!!

it's time to class this place up a bit, perhaps with some professional photos yes?

Shouts out to Tom Richards and to Palmer Photography for the images in this post! These Tahoe boys decided to see how much facial hair they could grow during the month of March. Let me rephrase...Tahoe MEN *fans self*

this guy's even got the flavor saver to harness the power of that bagel!

Tom the camera just loves you and your friends!

You're welcome ladies, you're welcome.
And I swear my next post will include staches of the glass variety!

nothin like the real thing...

so there i was, minding my own business while trying to sell glass mustaches at the Haleiwa Farmer's Market, when suddenly the best stache i've ever seen walked by! it all happened so fast i guess, that i didn't even catch this gentleman's name, but his moustache is of the most epic proportions.

must share ;)

look ma no hands on this here handlebar!

how come some people can hold the mustache up with no hands while others get awkward and hold it upside down, etc. could this be called "moustache dexterity?" i would like to award Sean Farnum for the most skills so far in this category. what a cutie!

Thanks Sean for showing off your skillset, and to the amazing Amy Farnum for sharing this image with me!