Monday, March 28, 2011

i call it BLUE STEEL

I'm thinking this is it, I made it...finally there is a local celebrity rockin the glass moustache!

Meet Steven Parker.

Not only is he doing a fabulous job as a male model as evidenced by the above photo, but he is in film too! You absolutely should not miss 'One Kine Day,' and if you don't believe me then check out the trailer here. Steven Parker that mustache you're sporting around 1:51 minutes in is to die for! I might have to hit pause and make a whole new design based on it.

In the meantime though Kailua people should get very excited starting now. The glass moustache is available right here in town! Steve's family owns an amazing shop right on Hamakua Drive, Lanikai Home + Style. They have a fabulous collection of everything I want so please keep this in mind if you want to buy me presents. Oh and probably you might like it too :)

FYI, just updated my website with two other new galleries...
Ann Arbor Art Center Gallery Shop in Michigan and Pele Signatures in Waikiki.
Look out, world!

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