Saturday, March 19, 2011

a total gem

Jessie Bean Goodman, even your name is priceless!
I was just rummaging through my computer and came up with this beauty, that you sent me so many moons ago.

The purse strap, the finger tattoo, the amazing glass moustache monocle; there's a million ways to conjure up a stache. But this photo, while reminiscent of dreams of being incognito at family gatherings, reminds me of my very first moustache, discovered in a bout of silliness with my brother around the time that we would have been starting grade school.

The simple beauty of long hair and its possibilities are endless. One can even section off two chunks at the front of one's head, wrap them symmetrically along the edge of the face for a criss cross effect under the nose, secured in place by an extremely kissable pouted set of lips.
Because who wouldn't want to kiss someone with a moustache!

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