Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Girls Weekend!!!

So I was thinking for a long time about starting a Facebook group or a blog to share this moustache fun, but I must admit, it was the generous Laura Fixler of Seattle and her customer appreciation pic that really got the ball rolling for me. She sent me this pic last week, and I must admit, I have been down for the count in 2011 with some pretty heavy health stuff. Can't work at Punahou or do art shows for a little while longer. Anyone that knows me knows I can't sit still for long, so her picture showed up at the perfect time. Thank you Laura!!
You and your friends are HOT and this photo is so festive and fun. Laura bought moustaches for everyone!

Oh and this is the perfect time for me to give shouts out to Kari Goldstein for giving Laura my contact information! Kari, all year people have been contacting me about moustaches and it is so often thanks to you!

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