Wednesday, October 5, 2011

blogged but not forgotten

this might be the most amazing thing you will see all day

special thanks to Meredith Edmondson and her niece (pictured here) Maddy!
if you see something cuter in the world please share it with me, cause i think this is it :)

Meredith i really hope i get to see you again at Pilchuck Glass School!

to my faithful blog viewers, i'm sorry for such a blog hiatus! i have stacks of photos from lovely people that are waiting for me, but i have to be honest, i was securing a new mustache ride (oops i meant car) and spent the past month and a week on craigslist. blech! but worth it. photos to come...

p.s. does anyone know anyone famous so i could give them a glass mustache? that would be awesome!

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